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A late update.

So, I just wanted to brag about how my FLO (Final Learning Objective) test went today. I took two tests, one 50 minute and one 40 minute, back to back, and I felt like I knew more Arabic than I ever have. Out of approximately 46 questions I think I was unsure about 2. Two, and that's it. The others were straight up easy. Well, there is always that chance that I am wrong about that, but hey, we are looking at things optimistically. ;)

((Psst... ANA ATKLM ALLG? AL"RBI? , and for those of you who can view Arabic Unicode but don't know SATTS ??? ????? ????? ??????? ))

In exactly one month I will be finished with this course, have taken the final test. May 29th is the day!

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