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How to know you are a good customer.

How do you know that you are a good customer at a store? Well, let me tell you.

I recently got into a new game, (like literally 2 days ago) called Marvel Heroclicks. So here's how it went. Pay bills, set aside necessities money, set aside money to save leaving me spendable money for this pay period. Sigh to self because it's much lower than normal and I usually spend money to combat boredom as there is nothing else to do in Monterey. Quickly get over it, shrugging and heading to the game store to see what I can buy. I get there and they have this new cool game with Marvel superhero collectable miniatures! Well, since my book purchase requirement for this month had already been met I dropped my pocket money on this game. Now, you don't know what miniatures you are going to get when you buy a pack, it's like Magic cards or Baseball cards for those of you not familiar with Magic. My only hope was to get a Spider-man mini. There are 4 different Spideys in the set of 150 so there is a good chance right? Negative, not one Spidey. I was crushed. So, I sadly left the store, but still very excited about my new game! I have had much fun with it, even though my figs have been getting trounced by Doc's (he's got like all the X-Men so there you go.) Well, before the Spidey movie fiasco (though on that note I now have tickets to tomorrow's 12:45 show) I stopped in at the Game Habitat (Diane's game store and the biggest receiver of my free cash) to check and see if anyone had pulled a number tag of my for sale sign. When I walked in the door Diane looks at me and says, "So now I expect to hear how awesome I am, how much you love it here, and how this is the greatest gaming store ever."

I was, to say the least, a bit startled. What was up? What was going on? I didn't know. Of course I told her that all of that was always true. Then she hands me a Promo Spidey! A Spidey mini you can't get in the boxes! Only given to game store owners! Free! Just for me! Diane rocks!

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