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Did you just feel something?

Wow! Ok, so it's a unique day for me. I've lived in California now for a year and a half (this time, you can add another year to that from previous visits) and I just felt my first earthquake. Now, that's a milestone for sure. It wasn't big so don't be alarmed. At first it seemed like someone dropped something upstairs, because they were hammering and banging earlier. Then the second wave hit and the whole room shook. No that's not dropping a wall locker! It didn't last long but it was interesting none the less. As it was happening the news anchor looks up and says, "Yes folks, we feel it too." Hehe. They just reported it was a 5.2 for those of you who are interested.

The epicenter was just outside Gilroy, which isn't far away but it isn't too close.

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