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Time, that elusive enemy.

So, have you ever noticed how time tends to play with us. How it knows just how to hurt us? It plays with us. Plays evil games with us every day. Yes, time is a devious one. When we have fun, it speeds its flow, carrying us quickly to the end of that which we enjoy. Yet, if we are having a horrible time. If we are in pain or worrying, it slows it's passage. It drags itself out and makes us suffer all the more.

Yes, time is quite an enemy, and one very elusive at that. We have created devices to track it's flow, to force it to our will. And yet, it retaliates. It plays with our time pieces, making them run slow and fast along with it, yet always making them seem to move in synchronization. How then do we defeat an enemy that we can't catch. That we can't see, and that we are powerless to bow to his whims?

Alas, I'm affraid we don't. We deal with it. We face the fact that when we are in pain, one minute becomes ten or more. And when we are happy, an hour is mere seconds. We can't win, we must simply survive his games.

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