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The nature of the universe...

So, today I was sitting in class and I found out something quite interesting. According to the Mormon religion you have to do all these things before you can be considered truly saved. But let's say you don't do them, and you die. Well, you are in luck. Someone can do them for you. Yes, that's right, someone can do them for you. They can get baptized in your name, and do all the little ceremonies and stuff. And then, when you are floating around without a body you can realize that you were wrong, and accept the gift they offer and you are set. It's really an interesting concept.

I found this out because a devout Mormon and a devout Christian were discussing the need to be baptized. So who out there wants to know the secret to the universe? You do? I thought you would, and I have the answer for you. It can be summed up in one phrase:

Now, that's an intriguing statement right? What does it mean? Well, to an extent that is up to you to determine. You see, the true answers to the universe are laid bare for all of us, you only have to know where to look. There is no need to fear the things we don't know, because everything we need is inside us. The human soul is truly a marvel, and it contains knowledge beyond the imaginations of any dreamer. There, in teh depths of our souls we can find the truth to our existance, and why we are here.

It is for this reason that every religion in the world centers on the human soul. Christianity, Mormanism, Judeism, Islam, they are all alike. The goal is to save your immortal soul from damnation. Buddism, and many other religions, preach the pervection of mind and body with the soul. It's all about the soul. That's the secret to the universe. So I say, whatever your religion you only have to do one thing to know if you are right. Look into your soul, really look. If it says you are right, then you are.

And now I leave you with a poem.

The Emptiness
As I stand and look out upon the sea of blackness,
I wonder what is to come. I watch the swells of chaos,
And wonder if I shall find that for which I search.
Time stands motionless before the unknown,
I reach deep into my soul to find the strength to continue.
I welcome the emptiness, as I embrace the Oblivion.


This poem means a lot to me, so I hope you like it.

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