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What's new?

Ahh.. freshly showered. It's such a nice feeling. :)

So, what is new with me today? I am going out to dinner with Rich tonight, to help break up the monotony of being in a room by myself all day. It's good, it'll help get the motivational juices flowing I think. To which, I have a new friend on my friends list. :) Welcome to pezstar, hopefully you won't find me dull and boring and end up running for the hills. ;)

For any of you who actually pay attention to my website (which has somehow made it over 400 hits. I need to check my stats and see where they are coming from) please look for a big update on it sometime before this weekend. It's a secret announcement. (shhh.. don't tell anyone.)

I'm going to close by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Pez. :)

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