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Virtual Hookers.... ?

So I am playing a lot of Anarchy Online right now. For those of you unfamiliar with AO it is a MMORPG similar to everquest only set in the future. In AO they have many clothes that are just for looks, to include swimwear. Of course, there are a lot of places you can go swimming too, so hey, why not.right? Well, of course they have the revealing clothes for the chick characters. So I come out of the local Fair Trade general store in Tir and what do I see, a cirlce of people watching a chick in skimpy clothes dance. This is interesting as there are several social commands such as /ymca which makes you do the YMCA dance. /pulpfiction which makes you do the John Travolta Uma Thermon dance from the movie. They also have /prostrate which is the "We're not worthy" bowing down before someone. There is even a "moon" command to basically wave your butt at someone.

Now, this chick was dancing this way, with total abandon, shouting, "How about some credits for a girl down on her luck?" "Dancing for credits." Waving her little computer generated butt in peoples faces for computer generated money. What's worse, I came by after my mission to seel my hard earned computer generated items and what did I see? She had spent her computer generated money on an upgrade, (or downgrade depending on how you look at it) to her skimpy outfit. She was now wearing a string bikini, and still dancing for credits.

I guess the moral of the story is, no matter where you go in life you can always get a lap dance if he price is right. :-P

Oh, and I made my AO account the month it came out. I was on it when they only had one server. I remember starting over when the second server came out. I also remember canceling after 1 month because they did a bad patch and I wasn't going to pay for it after that, so did my friends. My character was still there when I resubscribed last week. What I don't remember is miss-spelling my name! Zarchanalin right? No, I typed Zarchanilin!!!! Arg. I noticed this today. Blah.

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