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Ok, so I am feeling pretty good. I finally got a program to convert my AVIs I've been having problems with into usable MPG files, so now I have working VCDs :D I'm happy! Even cooler is that I found out my capture software will auto split the files that it makes based on the format you tell it to save in. :) So in other words if I want to put a VCHS tape on VCD I don't have to recort half, then stop and record the second half, trying to sync up stuff etc. Nope, just record one long file, then hit save as VCD and it'll auto split it into single cd length files. So, I'll probably be doing a lot more of that here in the future. :D ((I love my computer, I really do.))

I have a game cube, and I had 3 games for it. Lost Kingdoms (An interesting RPG that uses a card battle system), Eternal Darkness (A Resident Evil style game of utter insanity.), and Sonic Adventure (It's Sonic, of course I own it! The blue headgehog with an attitude.). So, I like my Game Cube but it really hadn't impressed me to unbelievable heights (well except for the insanely gorgeous graphics in Eternal Darkness) but it showed potential. As far as game seletion, it has lots of games I want, but then so does the X-Box. Well, some of the X-Box exclusives are startign to be ported over to Game Cube!! So now I can play them! (Mainly I note Hunter: The Reackoning) . So, now what does Game Cube go and do to make me extremely happy? No, it's not that Zelda is due out in Februrary. I expected Zelda, one of the reasons I got it. No, it was something else entirely. METROID PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samus Arun is back and she looks better than ever! It's this that prompted my next poll!

Who is the best video game charater ever? Now VOTE!

Poll #58026 Best Video Game Character Ever

Who is the best video game character ever! (all answers are write in so you have lots of choices!! :D ))


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