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An update?! Wow!

It has been a long time since I've written, so I probably have much to say then huh?

Ok, first let me say they didn't fully fix my cable modem. I have been dropped a couple time since then and always, ALWAYS at the most inopportune time. Suck no? Well aside from that I am actually caught up in my class. I took my first tests (a set of 4) scoring 98, 100, 100, and 100. I should have had 4 100s but I was stupid and miss-read answers. Today we also took the second test. :D This one I took with the class and I scored a 97 on it. I missed one question because I totally missed a letter. It was an acronym question and so I was reading the wrong acronym. *sigh* We have part two of the test tomorrow, I'll try and remember to update with my score on that test.

The other big thing that happened to me was that I wrecked my car. I was heading down Chadbourn Ave and came to the light where I would be turning left onto Christoval. There was a large Nissan truck (I know, it's an oxymoron. There was a large camper shell on it. :p ) in front of me so I could really only see half of the light, which was green. The truck turned, and I followed it. Well, the truck, who was up to that point an over cautious driver, was actually trying to beat another vehicle. This other vehicle, a blue 1987 Grand Marquis, was practically invisible to me. I realized the error of the situation when my air bag exploded in my face. I didn't actually hit the airbag because it was a more side collision than frontal, but just frontal enough to deploy the airbags. My Saturn lived up to its name as a safe vehicle and I have only a bruise on the inside of both knees (from where they slammed into each other) and a bruise on my left hip where the seat belt buckle was pressed rather firmly into my flesh as it held me securely in my seat. Now, in my own humble opinion, based off of the way that light works and the timing, I would say the oncoming car was in danger of running the red light. See, their light had to have just turned green when I went (as I saw it turn yellow and then red when I got out of my car ) through my turn. So for them to hit me with such force they either floored it from a standstill and can do 0-45 in like 2 feet, or they were in danger of running the red light. But that is all just conjecture and has no bearing. Witnesses said I had no green arrow, which I can't positively confirm or deny thanks to Mr. Nissan, so the police officer ruled it my fault. The only upside? I didn't get a ticket so I don't have to pay a traffic ticket.

Ok.. Last item. I just got Macromedia Studio MX (Dreamweaver!) and I like it a lot. Now, first thing first, if you are looking for powerful, very feature filled, HTML editor, then get Dreamweaver. However, it's not for everyone. If you are a more casual programmer and want to just make a fun site, then DO NOT GET DREAMWEAVER! FrontPage 2002 is best for the more common user.

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