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Settling in.

So my mother just left from her visit this weekend. It was a good visit, free from a lot of the things I don't like dealing with when I go home. No people causing problems and bringing up stupid issues that I really don't like to talk about. No constant inundation of smoke (she had to smoke outside the apartment and outside my car instead of me having to stay in a house where two people live and always have a cigerrette burning.). She brought a bunch of stuff down here for me. Some of which was actually given to me by people I've never met lol. Which is cool. Anyway, I'm pretty much as settled in as I can get at the moment, I have to get my furniture shipped here from Monterey, and I have to get the stuff from Texas. Then I can start looking at buying what furniture I need. I've lived in an apartment before, but it was with 2 other people and I didn't have a whole lot of furniture. This is my first real apartment by my self. It should be fun. :)

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