Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
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Well, it's been.. a while. I've neglected my journal so much. It's been a rough time in my life though.

I want to appologize to my friends, I've been pretty much ignoring their LJ's, but tonight I read a bunch of them. And I am glad to have sort of caught up with everyone.

The last three weeks has shown some set backs in my "plan" for my life, and lead me to a _very_ large turning point in my life. I have officially decided that unless there are no other options when this enlistment is up, I am not re-enlisting in the Air Force. I know what some of you are saying, "But you'll have 11 years in, you're over half way there." I'm sorry, I just no longer believe in the Ait Force as being right for me. I used to feel that they would always take care of me, but I realize this is not true. It may have been once, and I'm sure there are many people who would enjoy the military life. I do not fit anymore.

I can't say for sure if it's a change in me or a change in the military, but I can say this. The Air Force does not care about me. Maybe I never saw it before? Maybe that's what's happened. I'm going to run down the list of things that have made the last few weeks seem like a spiral into the deepest depths of hell. And on a side note to that, if any of these are surprises to anyone because I forgot to tell you, I'm sorry. I know there are some I forgot to tell because at the time I was not wanting to put them in a public post in my journal so I was doing the whole tell the story 50 times thing.

When I first got here the finance office informed me that there was an error in my pay and I had received BAH that I wasn't supposed to get, and that I had to fill out paperwork on it or I would have my pay docked immediately. I filled out the paperwork and got the money I was supposed to get for my TDY, and all was good. I was told by the finance office, "If they decide that you do have to pay them this money, then you will get to set up a payment plan you can afford." This was actually not a big worry for me, it was just annoying paperwork, and I honestly didn't expect to have to pay the money back. (It was the military's mistake, they didnt' do their job.)

Well I embarked on my new life in Georgia. All thigns were great. Then we wen to war, and I got stuck on horrible 12 hour shifts with no scheduled days off. That's when it started. I was 5 minutes late to my promotion test because of bad/missunderstood directions. I was told, "No, you can't retest, you should have found the place the day before." 5 minutes. That's it, only 5 minutes, and now I have to wait a year to test again. Then, I had my bank account 'hacked' so to speak and much of my money was gone. I have filled out paperwork and it's on it's way to the bank investigators. They say I should get it all back. My land lady is leaving, my complex said they don't give a crap about military so no more military discounts. My cable company said they wouldn't cut off my internet because I made arrangements to pay the rest of my bill when I got paid again (since my money was stolen). Well, lo and behold they did turn off my internet. How nice of them. Well the 15th rolls around and whammo! You get paid a lot less! So I barely scrape by and there's no hope of getting the cable internet back just yet. Why was I paid less? That paperwork I filled out back in Feb? Yeah it got lost or something because the people who were supposed to get it never did. Typical. Allthough my congressman, yes my congressman, is working to fix the problem and get my money back.

So I worked 3 weeks, 12 hours a day, and got about 3 days off total. All in a job that really didn't require the schedule we were on, and all the Air Force did for me during that time was try to totally screw my life up. Hmn.. Why should I care about the Air Force?

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