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So today has been a somewhat productive day, I finished two views on my new LJ style. It would be 3 but for some reason the menus are not appearing on the calendar view and I can't figure out why. I didn't change anything on them that would make teh menus vanish. Well, when they were being jerks I decided it was time to take a break from coding, so I played some Zelda. I now have 1 of the 8 pieces of the triforce, and two decoded maps, so I can go get those anytime I want. I still have to earn enough rupees to get that stupid fairy wannabe boy to decode the rest of them so I can go back to Hyrule and beat the snot out of Gannon.

On the more mundane front there is work. Ah yes, the wonderful Air Force. I still haven't seen a dime of the money they were not supposed to take, so I guess I havce to call them tomorrow and ask what's up. (also the bank too.) Trish called me today to inform me that I needed to work a swing shift tomorrow (I'm now on mids) because Don was on leave and there was no one to cover. Hmn... Let me think. There are 3 people on their shift besides Don, and when I was on that shift we only had 3 people. Seems like she could fix it without me having to work a different shift. I'm totally unimpressed with her abilities. I get out early tonight for it though, so that's something.

I am redoing my Na'Shenassi site, and am having a horrible time finding a layout that works for what I want to do. I've decided on some features that I like, and am going to use, as well as the basic theme of the site. I just have no idea the colors, layout, or style to use. *sigh* I had what I thought would rock, but then I suddenly decided I wanted to modify that and use it as my live journal. lol. So now I'm lookign for something new. :) Go figure.

As for my work on Matta's artist site, we've pretty much decided to go flash on it because he wants menu animation vice just popping up. I'm still working with my java scripting to try and see if I can do it without flash, as I prefer to not go totally flash if I can help it. Things will load faster without flash and flash is so hard to maintain because you have to recompile the swf fiels every time you update. I don't want to do that. I could so do this with java if I could get the animation down right. And then I could easily maintain things. (I'm all about maintainability.)

Anyway, that's my day. :)

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