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Well, at this point my laptop is about halfway through the install of Gentoo Linux. I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far. I mean, I don't play any games at all on my laptop, the only thing that keeps it microsoft is Office. I don't have that problem though really, I mean there are tons of office platforms that support Word and Excell. I was looking at my friend's linux computer today, it's gorgeous. The interface is MUCH nicer than Windows XP. THe windows are crisp and clean. And it's FAST. Now, here's the kicker about why Gentoo is so amazingly cool.

So we are doing the install. "We need to install the latests..." So what do you do to install new software? You type "emerge " For example, "emerge mozilla-firebird" And it goes and downloads and installs it! Now obviously this doesn't work with everything that you can put on it. But Bruce was keeping a list of things just adding them as we went. When I asked what it was he said, "Oh, I'm just going to type 'emerge gvim gaim ssh ruby xxms mozilla-firebird' and whatever else I come up with then go to bed and when I wake up it'll be installed." Now that's just too damn cool! (For those of you who don't know those things are a text editor that is awesome, AIM for linux with IRC support, Secure Shell remote connection tools, the Ruby programing language interpriter, a very cool mp3 player, and the new Firebird web browser).

So a comparison speed example. Downloading from the gentoo site on xp 53 k/s. Downloading from the same site, the same connection, the same computer but with gentoo? 120-170 k/s. Tell me that doesn't kick ass?!

Well, anyway, I'm going to bed. Have fun everyone.

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