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Getting underway.

Today I reorganized my menu system on my laptop. I wrote a python program that rewrites the “backgrounds” menu for me. What it does is it goes into the backgrounds directory where I keep my backgrounds. It then reads the list of files in the directory. Sorts them alphabetical (thanks to case sensitivity I can’t get it 100% alphabetical without changing all the file names to lower case in that directory), and then writes a menu file that contains code for each image. When I right click on my background and pull up my “start” menu, it has a settings -> backgrounds menu. I select a background from the list output by the python program, and it copies that image to “background.jpg” (for use with style backgrounds so that it is a permenant set and I don’t have to reconfig fluxbox) and then sets my background to that image. :) So I’m pleased with that.

Now I’m looking for a way to take a screenshot of my desktop. So I’ll upload that when I get it and make an edit to this post.

Ok, I have gimp, got my screenshot. :D

Ok, so here’s what you have. Top left you have my little LJ icon that flashes when i have new friends pages.

In the top middle that little barely visible white line is my auto hidden “slit”. Basically a taskbar for you windows folks.

Next we have 2 “shaded” windows. One is my IRC client connected to and logged into the channel #codedbliss. (psstt.. go to ). The second shaded window is an eterm console emerging TeTex and Blender. (Yes windows people, I can just install in the background and do anything else I want no matter what it is and it won’t mess up. :p)

Next an Eterm that isn’t shaded. As you can see I have nifty transparent terminal windows. This is listing my /usr/bin/ directory showing the various executables I have installed.

And lastly GAIM. My buddy list window you can see shows both my MSN contacts and AIM contacts. I need to get a nicer skin though. The conversation window shows the nifty tabbing where it has all my conversations in one window.

This is desktop 1 of 9. I am thinking of getting a fluxbox utility that lets me have a different background picture on each of those 9 desktops. :) (accessed by alt+f1 - alt+f9 )

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