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Need... break... So... weak...

So, it's been a long time since I wrote anything. But I've been lazy as all hell. And on top of that, I've used all my energy to do things that have to get done. It's almost time for me to go on vacation and I have been running rampant. Since my last entry I've been to San Jose twice, because Fry's Electronics sux and sold my friend bad computer components. I put together a computer that didn't work because the processor and mother board were both bad. We ended up blowing two other boards before we were finished because of the processor, but after 15 hours of work we finally got the thing running. I have installed 9 operating systems and copied about 15 CDs'. And that's just the computer work, not to mention I had to take a test in Arabic and do two written reports and two oral presentations (in Arabic). So, I've been quite busy. But, on the bright side, I have more than 2 weeks off starting Thursday at noon.

I did get my lap top up and running again, yeah. I am, however, mentally waisted. I have just started three major witting projects plus a redesign of my web site. (now complete with a message board) I have got 4 pieces of commissioned artwork (thanks Thomas). And I need to ake a break or I'll never get them finished. Ah well. That's where I'm at in case anyone was wondering.

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