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One more reason to hate Las Vegas.

It's hot, and it's dry. These two things in conjunction produce a very common, yet still very annoying, condition in a large percentage of people here, nose bleeds. I am not exempt from this, in fact, due to my childhood vulnerability to the offending affliction, I have a worse time than most people. That said, tonight I had the worst nose bleed I've had in 15 years.

I am standing at the computer and I feel the slightest tingle on my nose. It's not the same as when you have a runny nose, no this is much colder, more sinister. A sensation that creeps into your entire sinus cavity giving you the an instant panic reaction. I had just had the same feeling two days prior so I wasn't quite startled, and to be honest even after going 5 years without a nose bleed it's still not something that I usually notice right away anymore. I brushed my finger across my nose for the initial investigation and found that my intelligence efforts confirmed what was feered: "Blood sighted!"

The enemy was advancing quite slowly so I simply walked out of my little building en route to the restrooms in the trailor across the parking lot. About halfway to my destination the feint maneuver became apparent as suddenly a flood gate was opened and I had to pitch forward in an attempt to keep my nice green and black uniform from becoming stained blood red. As I arrived in the restroom and grabbed a paper towel my hands were already covered in more blood than OJ's gloves.

The sink was small, so small that as I treid to wet a paper towel I could not prevent the blood from dripping all over it. By the time I had a towel ready it was already covered in blood and quite useless. It looked like a scene out of a horror flick with my blood splattered all over the sink, walls, and even the mirror! It was coming out fast, so fast it was almost a steady stream instead of drops. I held a towel tight to my nose for a bit, but when I pulled it away to rinse it out, I was disheartened to find that the blood clot that was forming to stop the bleed came out on the towel just as quickly as everything else. This was not good. I fought for a while against it, and after a long time I finally lifted my head up to look in the mirror and check on the flow of things. Oh was I quite shocked!

Now, I've had sinus drainage issues a long time now, and I'm used to things draining out of my sinuses and into both my resprtory system, and my digestive system. When I looked up I felt a very sickening slide of something slimy down the back of my sinuses. Being that it was accompanied by that cold sinister feeling from before I knew it was a clot, and a big one. My only reaction, and by far the one that is best now mind you, was to force it away from my wind pipe, as asphixiating on a blood clot does not sound fun. So, I swallowed. Instantly it came back up, and I caoughed up a mass of red slime that was, and I'm not exagerating, 2 inches in diameter and at least an inch thick. The worst part? While slowed, the bleeding had still not stopped.

With some effort I finally got the bleeding to stop, but I had used about half the towels in the restroom, and I think I forgot to wipe the blood off the doorknob from when I came in.

So there you have it. Todays reason to not want to come to Las Vegas.

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