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Friends list...

Ok, so my friends list is .. well... in a word... pathetic. I have 13 friends on my list, 10 who I am on their friends list. I'm a member of 3 communities. So that leaves 7. Of these 5 update on at least a semi regular basis. Of those, I have maybe 10 comments posted in the last 2 years.

This last week here in Vegas I've been thinking a lot about things. About what I do on a daily basis as far as entertianing myself. I realize that I am the one to blame that I don't have many comments, or friends, etc. on my live journal. It's my fault because I don't post that often, I don't read my friends' journals that often, and I rarely post comments in my friends' journals. So I have come to one conclusion. THIS MUST STOP!

It's time for a new era so to speak. Time to become Pro-active in my LJ. More posts, more comments, more community wide things. So, if any of you on my friends list that actually read my journal and don't think I'm a total waste of time, please send me some journals you recommend I check out, for people I might not find totally annoying. :)

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