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I hate the military at times.

The major decides to move our time up to 1:30 rally instead of 2:00 rally. He tells 2 people, and that's it. Then he goes in early. So at 1:30 I get a knock on my door. I end up giving the keys to my rental car to BJ so him and Shane can go in at 1:30 and took the keys to the minivan so that the rest of us can go in at 2. This means that I'll most likely be getting NO LUNCH! Dammit I'm pissed off now. I really hate this stupid lack of planning of any kind. And it doesn't help that my nose is trying to bleed again. Dammit I want to leave this stupid city. I want to get out of the damn military and get a real job. I hate this aspect of my life, and I'll be glad when I've put the military behind me. Anyone know any good jobs paying 50k a year?

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