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Well today I have to rally the troops at 1:30. Which means an extra half hour longer than normal at work. *sigh* About half of the work crew will be absent from work today and tomorrow because they are getting to fly on planes. The major told me, and I qoute, "I'm sorry, I couldn't get you in because I didn't have all of your information." ... He has enough information to get me access to a top secret military intelligence facility but he doesn't have enough information to get me onto an unclassified cargo plane? As the coined phrase goes, QTF IMI. (for those of you who are now confused it means "What the f*^#?").

Anyway, I'll probably write a longer entry later, or maybe in the next few days. Maybe on the plane? Who knows! I can take this on the plane actually, and use it. :D I have batteries. hehe.

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