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Angry and possible meme.

So, today I get ready for work, I go down to the lobby where I'm supposed to meet the guy who has the keys to my rental car. He isn't there. After some work I track down what's up. Seems that everyone who was supposed to get a free airplane ride (everyone but him and I) were gone to catch their planes and he apparently went early. This left exactly no way for me to get to work. Get this, when I told him I was upset he didn't get in touch with me he said it was my "own damn fault" because I was on the internet. WHAT THE F***! Hell now you didn't just say that. Now, I really don't feel much like writing a long entry about that dick, so instead I'm just going to wait and maybe write one later. I do, however, have an idea.

I want to make my own LJ meme. Like a quiz or something or other. My big problem is I'm not sure what to make it. So, anyone out there have good suggestions for an LJ meme? Leave a comment with your ideas.

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