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A work in progress.

So if you are interested in seeing what I have done on my new s2 style that I'm designing then go here:

New Style

There will be MANY color options you can change, plus the text on the links to the left can be modified as well. The section that says "Shadow Bulletins" "Current NB count: 7.5" can be altered via the customization wizard as well. I still have a lot to do though, I have to add comments, I have to add some line height adjustments. I'm going to adjust spacing a bit. And I'm going to include an option to set the width of the entry area for people who have smaller browsers. I am thinking that I also want to put in a color option to allow you to make different users on your friends page show up in different colors. That's going to take a little work though. ;) It has the ability to use a background image also, so don't think that because it's all black and white right now that it's a dull style. :p

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