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Browser and CSS pain.

Why do browsers not understand CSS the same way? Why can't people make standards and adhere to them? Why is it that a page coded with perfect CSS will look right on one browser but not on a different one? Why will some elements screw up? These are the questions I've been asking myself.

Go Here

If you have Internet Explorer you will find it looks perfect except one scrolling div does not scroll sideways when it's entry is overflowing to the sides. (that entry should actually auto resize to fit, but the html is screwy). If I set the menu bar to the right instead of left then it works without any problems at all. It looks just like I want it to.

If you have MozillaFirebird then you will find that the CSS does interpret the sizes of things a little bit better, but not nociably. However it doesn't understand that if you put a percent size on a div that is inside a div you mean to make it fill the one div minus padding. No, it makes it the width of the damn browser, which totally screws it up.

If you have Opera you will find that Opera doesn't even fully support CSS1 and float does not work. Also the sizes are totally f**ked up on Opera.

Note on size. If I say that an outer box is 110 x 110 with a padding of 5 all the way around that leaves a 100x100 area to put something in. How can a 100x100 picture that is explicitly defined as 100x100 not fit in it?

Aside from that the css is coming along descently.

ANd I just noticed the vlink style isnt working on IE. *sigh*

EDIT: Have it working ok on everything except Netscape. No netscape luck. The divs just don't play well in netscape. They do all stupid things. :(

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