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So, they finally released the new Metroid game, Zero Mission. The game takes us back to revisit the early days of the original Metroid adventure, yet promises us that we do not know the entire truth of what happened on planet Zebes.

Intent on putting this theory to the test I power up the game boy advanced and plug in the game. I am immediately greated with a scene of Samus begin to recount her first mission, her 'Zero Mission'. Over the next few days, with lots of swapping between the GBASP and the GBAPlayer, I run through what seems an almost too perfect remake of the original game. Though, having played Metroid Prime and understanding more of the Chozo and where Samus comes from, the game actually made more sense. (Those statues of birdlike men are made by the Chozo, the same people who built Samus' power suit, in case you haven't played Prime. Incidentally, that's why they recharge you when you sit in them. ;) )

Though do not think it's the same game, it's by far better. Samus' entire arsenal is there, and you get most of the power ups to use against Mother Brain. And, as usual, defeating mother brain activates a 2 minute countdown to rush out with your life barely intact! :)

Ok, so you jump into your ship and zip off the planet. As in the first game, Samus, being back in her ship, decides to get out of that uncomfortable power suit for a leisurely flight home. However, this is not the end of the story, no, not in the slightest. Much to my surprise, space pirates, angered at the murder of their teradactyl-looking leader Ridley, ambush our heroine. The giant space battle ensues and sadly, our heroine's ship crashes on the planet.

Hindsight is 20/20, or so they say, and our heroine tells us that she probably shouldn't have done what she did next. Sneaking onto the space pirate mother ship without her power suit and armed only with a pistol? It is suicide, yet, none the less I find myself crawling into a small access hatch and sneaking on board a space pirate mother ship, trying to find a way off of the planet and back home to the comfort of a warm bath and a bottle of vodka!

So that's where I'm at. If you have a GBA, get this game!

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