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Why I Need A New Job

"We'll be surging for at least a month, and we'll try to work in a day off or two at the beginning so that we don't burn people out too fast."

What is the significance of that statement? Well, let's start off by explaining that 'surging' means that my work center will be working extended hours; we'll be covering 24 hours a day vice 16. This will be accomplished in one of two ways, either we will do three 8 hour shifts or two 12 hour shifts, depending on how many people we have and whether or not we can man three shifts. We can not man three shifts on their stupid rules; they refuse to count everyone in the shop as part of the 'qualified' people. Hell, they won't even count my TRAINER! How can they count me but not count my trainer? How can they tell all of us who have been doing this job for well over a year that we don't count as qualified ops? How can they say that things are different now than they were during the war so we have to be trained?

None of us were trained during the war! The job didn't fucking exist before the war! WE CREATED THE JOB! How the hell can we not be qualified if WE MADE THE RULES!!!! They hired two civilian contractors to come in and work in our shop, a fact which I'm still trying to figure out. I won't say that we have not benefited from their knowledge, but just because one of them suggests everyone pull up a copy of a program we were only using on one computer during the war, that doesn't mean no one is qualified anymore! And to tell me to my face, "I'm going to have to sit off position and train Melissa and Jenn at first because they just don't know enough." Melissa was my fucking trainer! She damn sure does know enough. Good god, you can't sit at the computer she'll be working on and tell her, "Set these options to this"? That's all he does. He tells people how to make the program look like it does on his computer! That's it! It's not even fucking required to do the job! He just finds the job easier to do when he has the damn thing up! I mean hell, if anyone needs to have their qualification questioned it's him. He's the one that flips out and can't do anything when it gets busy. He's the one who looks like his brain is going to explode as he tries to follow what's going on.

We have two areas that we concentrate on, and only one person that does it. Why? Because that's the way it works best. One person watches everything that is going on and handles all questions about it. Why? That way they always know exactly what everyone is doing and what has and hasn't been attended to. Now, if they get overwhelmed, then we can pass off one of the two areas to a second position that has the same capabilities. Most people don't ever have any issues keeping up with both, but he can't keep up with one and tell her what he's doing as he does it. He can't talk while it's busy, his brain would fry out! He's a nice guy, I like him, but it's a fact.

The point is, 12 hour shifts. So the next problem, days off. They can't ever figure out that when you work 12 hour shifts you have to have MORE DAYS OFF or you get seriously burnt out. So what do they do? They say, "Work 12 hour shifts with no scheduled days off, and if we decide we can afford it we'll let you have one or two." .... Do I really need to comment on the stupidity of that?

"It could last for up to 9 months." Nine months? You want me to work 12 hours a day, with maybe 3 days off a month, for NINE FUCKING MONTHS!? You are smoking crack. You damn well better find a way to make it less than that, and you damn well better make a regular schedule with lots of days off. That whole, at least a month best be no more than a month or you'll have a severe amount of disgruntled employees on your hands.

At least if I were in a civilian job I'd get overtime.

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