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Old Friends

Well, last night was a strange and interesting night. Someone I hadn't talked to in years sent me a message and said hi. We ended up talking for a long while, until she had to go to bed. She is a friend of mine's sister, and is just as much a sister to me as if she were truly related to me.

We talked about a lot of things I guess, mostly about what all has happened in her life since last we talked. She's graduating this year and as such is trying to decide what career she wants to go into. Right now she is leaning towards massage therapy.

She is worried though about making enough money. She is apparently dating a guy who is very bad for her and is worried if she gets a lower paying job he'll end up spending all of her money on drugs. This led us to a long discussion about how much better off she'd be if she just got rid of him. She is afraid of being alone, and that's why she says she hasn't already.

I hope that I was helpful for her, she really seemed like she needed to talk, and have someone to listen to her without being overly judgemental or telling her how disappointed they are in her.

And while we are on the subject of long unheard from people, Chris Weule emailed me today. We ended up talking on the phone for a bit, but didn't get very far before he had to go. He has a young son now, so he often has his hands full and he had to go take care of groceries and what not. I'm hoping that he stays in touch more, and that we don't end up not talking to each other for another year and a half or something like that.

Lots of thought provoking things today, and oh wee... Arabic homework. I've determined that I do not hate Arabic as much as I thought. While the Air Force has made me despise dealing with it, all is not lost. I've actually been enjoying class when I'm not being told by the Air Force I have to do this or I will get in trouble. Our teacher is great, he's an American who knows his Arabic like the back of his hand, and his teaching methods are exactly what I like, and what I need right now. We also have a student teacher who is a very nice Syrian lady named Abiir. Her teaching method is great, except right now I am a little lost as I try to drag all of the Arabic back out of my brain (she speaks about 95% Arabic in class). I'll be loving every minute of it after things start coming back, and hopefully I'll get back up to my 2/2.

Mike is now here, TDY to the good old GRSOC. He's hanging out here for now, though he may actually stay in billeting depending on how closely our schedules line up. Still, it's great having him visit, it's been a long time.

I guess that means things are going better than average hehe.

Well, that's all for now.

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