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I Need A New Job...

Not only is it not enough to call me while I'm medicated and try to tell me to disobey a doctor's orders and drive under the influence of medication that causes extreme drowsiness, but I get to be called into an office on my fucking lunch break to be told how irresponsible I am.

However, to the credit of the day, it turned into a half an hour argument about how much of a hated, wrong, micromanaging, vengeful asshole he is. The conversation ended with him saying to me, "You have a class to go to. Go eat your lunch this conversation is over."

What was the problem? The problem was that I was passed out on medication from where I went to the emergency room with a pretty nasty stomach virus and got sent home on quarters. No one was at work so I set an alarm, but it failed to pull me from the medicated stupor. So they had to call me. It took them 5 minutes to find out what was up, yet I was irresponsible for doing what a doctor told me to. Fucking dick.

Ok, rant over, but that is the general feel of my day today.

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