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It's All Downhill...

So, I have finally finished with my class. I'm back to normal work, or as normal as such work can be. I went into work at 1 yesterday, which was a very good thing, you see, we had been expecting 12 hour shifts, which didn't happen. I was told right before coming back to work that we weren't going to 12s and probably wouldn't go to 12s. I was ecstatic.

So, I head out to go to work, and as I walk into the building I realize that it's Wednesday. The 7th. This is the first day that we are required to wear blues. In their infinite wisdom the command decided to improve moral by forcing it's people to wear a uniform that they can't stand. This is, of course, because if you make everyone miserable then they will feel more like a cohesive unit. What? You didn't know that?

Now, I am not in my blues as I completely forgot about it, which is not such an unexpected thing seeing as how I was told about it once in passing two weeks earlier. So, I sit down in the office and listen to pass-down, the only green in a room full of blue suits.

As the 20 minute brief goes on, I realize that I really hate being there. It isn't so much I mind working, but rather I have developed an extreme distaste for the subject matter of my daily life. I've spent the last 8 years dealing with way too much death. Sitting and listening to the people I work with so excited about it, I felt like I needed a shower. I understand that they are excited because they are trying to prevent it, or at least I hope they are. I just can't stand it anymore really. It's... disheartening to say the least.

Well, after pass-down was over the Lt. comes over and tells me to go home and change into my blues, which has to wait a second as I have to call the damned security investigator back. He apparently called while I was in the briefing because he is so shitty an investigator he can't find a person's phone number when he knows his name, address, and place of residence. So, after looking up the numbers in the phone book and giving them to him, I'm off to my apartment to change. It takes me a while (the Master's is in town, but it's only practice round right now so it's not as deadlock as it will be) but I get back just in time to change into my pt gear and go to pt. I get back from pt around 5 and sit down to read my email that has accumulated up over the last month.

There are so many damn stupid emails, and emails that say "so and so requested you receive a copy" that are sent out by the damn system administrators to the Watch Officer alias, which our shop is subscribed to thanks to the quick thinking of TSgt Ilias, our shop NCOIC. It takes me a good two hours to get through my email.

Now, the good part of my day, lunch. I go to lunch at 7 and stop by Mike's billeting room to see how he's doing. He's playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the X-box that he bought and then turned around and gave to me. So, he saves and hands over the controller and says, "Play your damned x-box," and smiles. I have to say that I am very impressed with this game, specifically the motion and animations. They put a lot into the movement, as well as the story line, and that makes it that much more fun.

So, after lunch I head back to work and spend 15 minutes completing all the tasks that I had to do that day, then wait for 45 minutes and leave. So, 4 people in the office, two of them work, and I do 15 minutes of work. That's it. Why do they even consider doing anything like a 12 hour shift? I'll never know.

Well, all is well and good right? Well, not really, at about 11 today SMSgt Quirk calls me and says, "I need you to come in at 1700 and work till 0500."

WHAT THE FUCK!? I thought we weren't going to 12 hour shifts! Dammit that's just stupid! So now I have to leave here at 2:45pm and go to pt, then to work, getting off at 5 in the morning. What do I do when they come back and say, "We're sorry, you haven't used arabic since you graduated DLI and as such you failed your damned DLPT so you have to do 24 hours of language maintenance per month"?! When do they expect people to have a life?! To sleep!? GODS! That pisses me off.

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