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Jumping Through Hoops....

So, I was awoken today by the phone ringing. I answered it groggily to find that it was the podiatry department at Ft Gordon's hospital. They had a 3:00 appointment open and wanted to know if I could come in for it. I said sure as I had nothing planned until about 7.

I go to the base and pick up my medical records from the clinic, then trot on over to the hospital. It is about 2:30 when I get to the hospital and I had forgotten my GB SP, so I was in for a wait. Boy was I ever, it was 4:15 before the podiatrist saw me. When he looked at my foot he was quite shocked as the doctor that told me I have a cyst didn't do anything he was supposed to do, like take x-rays.

I trotted over to the x-ray shop and got those done pretty quickly. When I got back to podiatry though the doctor who showed up was not the same one. After re-explaining everything my original doctor showed up with my x-rays in hand and pulled them out.

"Where's the ankle pictures?!"

Well, instead of getting more x-rays we went to another room and used a machine that is like a real time x-ray camera that is not designed for looking at feet. After some acrobatics the doctor was satisfied with the images he had. How satisfied? Satisfied enough to say, "You don't have a cyst, come back in 10 days with full x-rays. Until then no running or impact exercises on that foot and take these pain pills."

Now, to make things more interesting, while I was getting my x-rays my office called. I checked the message and they were wondering why I wasn't at my 3:00 appointment with the Lt. See, on Friday of last week MSgt Kirby called me while I was asleep and said that some paperwork needed to be taken care of but that we could do it on Monday. I was planning on doing it after the 3:00 medical appointment. When I called the Lt. back while waiting for my medicine at the pharmacy I was informed that MSgt Kirby told me to be there at 3:00, and that he had told me this on Friday. While I was asleep. With crappy phone reception where I had to repeat every word five times. He did not want to believe that I didn't hear, got pissed off, and ordered me in at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Taking even more of my free time.

So after everything was said and done I had missed my already scheduled plans, and now have to go in at 10:30 tomorrow on my day off. And they wonder why I don't like my job?

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