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New Desktop

Wow, it's been a long couple days, but I did accomplish my goal. I have a new desktop, and here is a screen capture of an early layout. Big Image

I've since smoothed out the background, emerged epplets, so I have a few little things that I can use to spruce things up. I want to learn how to make E-Mail.epplet actually check my pop mail, as right now it just does local mail. Hmn. We'll figure that out later. (or we'll write our own epplet to do it. ;) )

(For those of you who don't know, an epplet is an applet designed to run on the enlightenment desktop. They are not full on applications, just little tiny things that are like icons with functionality.)

Getting Enlightenment up and running was a chore. I decided to update the entire computer to make it run right. Oh that was bad. I ended up for hours last night trying to figure out why it wouldn't boot, only to find out it hadn't quite updated everything. I'm still updating at this time. Sheesh. Talk about time consuming. Hehe. But hey, my background is a demon elf standing in a pool of water that has ripples (real time animated ones) :)

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