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It's like having 20 mothers...

So, I decided to take a week off from work. This was a very good thing you see, as I need it. I've been working way too much there, with nothing to really do. They have this stupid idea we have to work 12 hours a day, and they don't care that most of the time there is only one qualified person for that 12 hours, so I can't go anywhere for a break. At all.

Well, I go in to get my leave signed off and made official and I'm asked, "How old are you?"

me: "26."

them: "You need a safety briefing."

me; "But, I'm not leaving the local area at all."

them: "Doesn't matter, you are not 27, you need a briefing."

me: "So I need a briefing on how to be safe in my own home, something I've been doing for 26 years?"

them: "Yes."

me: "You can't be serious."

them: "No safety brief, no leave number."

me: -shakes head in disgust and leaves-

And they wonder why the military has such high attrition rates.
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