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So, it's Monday, day 3 of my vacation. I'm trying my best to relax and rest, and it's working. I'm completely exhausted though, I didn't realize just how far I was pushing the envelope until I stopped. Today I ended up just laying on the couch watching tv and half dozing, did nothing. It's surprising you little you realize something is affecting you until it is gone. It's more than just the actually being there, it's the whole thing, thinking about it, stressing over it.

Normally, this would be day 3 of a break and I'd be looking at having to go back to work tomorrow, and it would have kept me from being so lazy, I would have felt a need to do something. It's so taxing to have to constantly be searching for time, and tyring to figure out what's done and what isn't. Worrying about the problems and the crap. Maybe I'll actually get some rest on this vacation.

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