Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

AH! What's this? A real entry!? It can't be!

I know, your shocked right? I am making an entry with actual merit. Yes, that's right, an entry about me, and my life, and the stuff going on!

Well, first off, let us start with the work issues. They always are the worst, and I like to get frustrations out at them so I can concentrate on anything else I may have to say that is more fun (though that's rare these days).

The latest of work is that they changed my schedule from 5pm-5am to 7am-7pm. My days off are now actually weekends (Sat, Sun, Mon), and the only unfortunate thing is that all of my pt sessions will be on my off time, I had to do a little negotiation to get it so that only 1 of my 4 pt sessions had to be on my actual day off instead of 2, but now it's all settled. Hopefully, things will be easier. Better hours, still crappy situation. Why can't they figure out 12 people can't do a 32 man job? Hmn... perhaps they've been secretly spiking our water with Super Soldier Serum in the hopes of having an army of Captain Americas? No, that's just stupid.

I've come to realize that as nice as textpattern is, it does not suit my needs. My website is becoming a host for fiction, and I couldn't sort it correctly with textpattern. No more though. So I'm writing my own that does what I need. It's slow, but it's coming along. If you are interested in watching the development process feel free to visit, though be warned, it's kind of boring, you won't see anything. ;)

I joined the LJ Abuse team, and in my first week of working fully on cases for my quota, I miss it by 2! 2 lousy points because I can't do simple math. How sad is that? (lol)

That's pretty much it. I may write more later if I think of anything. Oh yeah, anyone have any good suggestions what to get my mom for her birthday? It's August 11.

Edit: OH! And I'm working on designing a new lj style here. It's very much a work in progress. It'll be slow.

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