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So today I get up at 6:45, the usual time. I head out of here around 7:15 to get to work. Normally this is a boring kind of thing. Drive to a gate, show my id, drive to the building and park, get out, go inside, show my badge, get my backpack rummaged through, go to my room, punch in super secret spy code, sit down and log in, do nothing important for 8 hours. Typical military right?

Oh no, today, not typical. A new height to the oxymoron "Military Intelligence".
7:30AM:Arrive at backed up traffic on Gordon Highway. Assume this is due to an accident. No worries.
7:36AM:Realize that this is really backed up traffic from the gate to Fort Gordon. To quote crazylikefox, "So many beans waiting to be counted."
08:06AM:Arrive at the intersection of Gordon Highway and Dyes Parkway. Have traveled 0.6 miles since 7:36.
08:14AM:Arrive at Gate 1. Have traveled 1.1 miles since 7:36. Show my ID, Driver's License, Insurance Card, Registration. Have a rent-a-cop look at my trunk and engine.
08:28AM:Arrive at the intersection of Rice Road and Chamberlain Avenue. Have traveled 2.6 miles since 7:36. Go through Military Police Checkpoint. MP verifies I have the appropriate 4 stickers on my windshield.
08:37AM:Arrive at GRSOC. Have traveled 4.3 miles since 7:36. Get out and go inside. Show ID and have bag searched. Punch in super secret spy code and sit and do nothing.
Conclusion:Traveled 4.3 miles at an average speed of 4.2 miles per hour. Arrived at work 37 minutes late. Showed ID card 3 times Showed driver's license twice. Had stickers on cars checked twice. Punched in one super secret spy code.

The military planning at it's finest.

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