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Technological Advancements...

So, for anyone out there who's ever played any future based RPG (d20 Future, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Alternity; to name a few) is familiar with the idea of cybernetic enhancements. One of the most popular being the ever so convenient subcutaneous cell phone. One problem with such devices has now been solved. While the immediate benefits of Biophan's advancement are best seen, and used, in the medical field, those technophiles out there are now one step closer to making their wet dream a reality.

Biophan Biothermal Power Source for Implantable Devices

Not to get you Trekkies worked up, but what do you call it when you have move something instantaneously through space? No, it's not transportation, no matter what Scotty may say, it's teleportation. Well, I guess that is unless you're a German physicist, in which case you probably call it "spooky action."

Well, for those of you who think that teleport is a word reserved for Dungeons and Dragons, let me say, you are quite wrong. It is nothing new to teleport photons, but well, that's quite honestly pointless. Teleporting a phonon only serves the practical use of being a step towards the big time, atoms. Why is an atom more important than a photon you ask? Why because atoms are the building blocks of everything. An atom qualifies as an element, as true matter.

No, we aren't talking about building transporters, again, sorry Trekkies. What we are talking about is moving data. Yes, that's right, data. As computer technologies advance, we find ourselves constantly striving for more and more bandwidth, getting data to it's destination faster and faster. Many advancements are merely the same old stuff with more pipelines to get those bits from point a to point b. There is a field of computer development, as I'm sure many of you know, called Quantum Computing. It utilizes quantum theory to process and store computer data. Thus, an atom becomes a bit. I we can teleport an atom, and an atom is a bit, then we can teleport data. Faster than the speed of light we can transfer digital information. No more satellite delay in our communications. Perhaps one day communication with a space station orbiting Mars will be as simple as a cell phone call. The possibilities are limitless.

National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrate "teleportation".

Now, what does all this have to do with me and my journal? I'm a physicist at heart didn't you know!? :) Oh yes, one day I will have my physics degree! Look for my name stamped on that linux based guidance system in the space ship you use to get to Mars, and remark to your children on your subcutaneous "Quantum" phone that you knew me!

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